Bulgaria is a unique hunting destination - the span in nature, climate, nature protection and care of the wildlife are some of the reasons for the superb fauna: Red deer stags with beautiful antlers, big wild boar tusks, impressive fallow deer antlers, roebuck, mouflon, chamois, brown bear, wolf, jackal, fox and wild cat. A wide range of game you don’t find easily in other European countries. Here you find something for everybody and every pocket. The best hunting experience doesn’t automatically mean that you have to go for the biggest possible trophy.

As a hunting country Bulgaria has many advantages:

•   A long tradition – since 1930 Bulgarian hunting trophies are present at international hunting exhibitions;

•   the high game density - Bulgaria is inhabited by 16.000 red deer, 4.500 fallow deer, 75.000 roe deer, 50.000 wild boars, 2.200 mouflons, 1.800 chamois, 2.700 capercaillies, 900 brown bears, hundreds of pheasants, partridges, rock partridges, and passages of migratory birds like quail, geese and woodcocks;

•   the high quality of the big game hunting trophies - the world record of red deer stag  is 273.60 CIC and Bulgarian, wild boars over 22-24 cm are taken home every season and the national record of wild boar – 158.20 CIC points had been a world record for 18 years (until 2004). The world record of wildcat (fur) – 82.99 CIC points, is Bulgarian also;

•   the professionalism in the estates – the experienced stalkers, the attention to details and knowledge of the hunters demand for quality;

•   the unique beautiful nature – a “must see” you need to experience.

Come and hunt with us – explore and enjoy the nature. 




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Hunting is passion!
Once you have started you are doing it year after year, after year....
Is it because of the thrill, or because somewhere out there it’s only you, the game and the nature.
Only you, my dear fellow hunter know the answer.




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