Hunting estate IZVORA

Geographical characterization
The hunting territory covers 9 370 ha over West Rhodope Mountain and the The hunting territory covers 9 370 ha over West Rhodope Mountain and the gorge of Devinska River. The relief is alpine and very rugged with an altitude varying from 750 to 1860 m.
Mixed forests dominate the local scenery with a prevalence of coniferous stands.
The Hunting Area is situated 200 km from Sofia Airport and 100 km from Plovdiv Airport.

The best trophies obtained in “Izvora” are: wild goat (chamois) – 115.08 points, wild boar – 131.46 points, mouflon – 211.60 points, red deer – 201.66 points and roe deer – 108.57 points.

Hunting estate ROSSITSA
Geographical characterization
State Hunting Area “Rossitsa” is situated about 220 km from the capital Sofia, on the northern slopes of Central Balkan range which are covered with centuries-old beech forests and succulent mountainous meadows, cut by valleys and gullies. Its total area is about 17 000 ha and the relief is typically mountainous to alpine.
The altitude varies from 350 to 1 850 m.
Game and trophy fortune: State Hunting Area “Rossitsa” offers red deer (8-10 kg), wild boar (18-23 cm) and roe deer hunting (350-500 g), bear (over 450 points) and predators hunting as well as fishing of  

Hunting estate KORMOSOSH
  Geographical characterization
It occupies part of Prespanski region of West Rhodope Mountain with a total territory of 41 930 ha. The Hunting Area is just 50 km from Krumovo Airport, in the suburbs of Plovdiv and 210 km from Sofia Airport. There is a helicopter platform near the hunting residence “Karamush”.
The landscape is typically alpine, very rugged with great differences in the altitude. The highest point is Prespa Peak (2 001 m) and the lowest point (380 m) is where Chepelarska River runs into Slivov dol River.

Game and trophy fortune
Typical game species are: red deer, fallow deer, roe deer, wild boar, mouflon, wild goat, capercaillies and bear. The Hunting Area offers good facilities for predators hunting – wolf, wildcat, fox and beech marten. “Kormisosh” is the place where the world record of wild boar trophy - 158.20 СІС points has been obtained!

Hunting estate RUSALKA

Geographical characterization
The hunting grounds of “Roussalka” are situated about 200 km from the capital Sofia, on the northern slopes of Central Balkan range and at the foot of its highest peak Botev.
Over nearly 13,000 ha of very rugged terrains there are forests, most of which are centuries-old beech forests.

The best trophies gained to date are: bear – 475 CIC points, red deer with a trophy weight of 12 kg, roe deer with a weight of 420 g and wild boar with tusks length of 25 cm.

Hunting estate CERNI LOM

Geographical characterization
To a great number of people in Europe the elite hunting in Bulgaria has its synonym – “Cherni Lom”. It is one of those places upon which time has no influence; where clients can be sure that their trip will bring them real excitement, joy and the desired trophy from a real hunting experience.
In the plain to hilly northeastern part of the country, about 300 km from the capital Sofia and about 200 km from Varna Airport is the unique Hunting Area “Cherni Lom”. Its total territory is about 130 000 ha, 26 000 ha of which are forests.

The symbol of “Cherni Lom” is the red deer.
Elite trophies of red deer are shot every year and the tradition shows that more than half of them are awarded gold medals and there are simply no trophies left without medals. Among the records of the Hunting Area is a red deer trophy with a weight of 17.340 kg.
During the last season are obtained trophies from red deer – 11-13 kg, fallow deer – 3500-3.990 kg, mouflon – over 85 cm. and wild boar – 26.25-28.15 cm.

Hunting estate ZHENDA

Geographical characterization
It is named after the Rhodopean village Zhenda and is situated 259 km from the capital Sofia and less than 100 km from Kroumovo Airport near Plovdiv.
The total area is 16 118 ha, the relief is low mountainous, crossed by numerous gullies.
The ridges are smooth, the slopes are very steep and rocky. The altitude varies from 400 to 1 100 m.

Game and trophy fortune
Red deer, fallow deer, roe deer, mouflon and wild boar are the main representatives of the wildlife that inhabit permanently or temporarily the territory of “Zhenda”.
Six gold medals have been awarded to mouflon trophies obtained within “Zhenda”. Four wild boar trophies won gold and silver medals.
Two bronze medals for red deer and fallow deer complete the collection of the best hunting achievements.

Hunting estate BYALKA
Geographical characterization
BYALKA is situated close to the town of Lovetch in the foothills of the Stara Planina Mountain Range of the Balkan Mountains.
The BYALKA hunting preserve encompasses an area of 7324 ha, comprised of 62% forests and 38% meadows in the foothills of Stara Planina Mountain Range, at an altitude varying from 180 to 600 m. The road infrastructure and access allows easy access and suitable for any the hunter.
Game and trophy fortune
For the purpose of game management and to maximize trophy quality a significant part of the Preserve covering 3200 ha has been surrounded with state-of-the-art fencing.
The Preserve had developed trophy quality mature males of a variety of populations such as red deer (trophy 7-15 kg), fallow deer (trophy 3-5 kg),  mouflon (trophy 70-95 cm), roe deer  (trophy 350-500 gr.) and wild boar (trophu 18-27 cm).

Hunting estate VITOSHKO

Geographical characterization
It is situated on the southwestern slopes of Vitosha Mountain, which are gentle at its foot, but with a distinctive sub-alpine character in the upper reaches. The vast plateaus are typical as well. The Vitosha flora is richer in diversity than in many European mountains.
The natural deciduous forests include beech, Turkey oak, sessile oak, hornbeam, birch, lime, poplar, wild cherry and others.
The common coniferous species are Scots and Austrian pine and at higher altitudes - spruce, white fir and mountain pine.

Game and trophy fortune
The various vegetation, favourable climate and hydrographic richness are prerequisites for exceptional wildlife diversity.
The territory of the Hunting Area is inhabited by red deer, fallow deer, roe deer, mouflon, wild boar, hare, bear, wolf, fox, beech marten, wild cat, badger and otter. Red deer and wild boar populations are quite high



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