Hunting estate BYALKA

Geographical characterization

BYALKA is situated close to the town of Lovetch in the foothills of the Stara Planina Mountain Range of the Balkan Mountains.
The BYALKA hunting preserve encompasses an area of 7324 ha, comprised of 62% forests and 38% meadows in the foothills of Stara Planina Mountain Range, at an altitude varying from 180 to 600 m. The road infrastructure and access allows easy access and suitable for any the hunter.


"BYALKA" hunting preserve offers excellent residence-class accommodation, organized in two separate hotel facilities. One of the hotels has three double rooms, five single rooms and one suite.
It also has a sauna and a satellite TV. The other hotel offers two presidential suites, four double suites and five smaller suites. This facility also offers a sauna, a tangent spa, satellite TV and a billiard hall.
The kitchen is recognized for its delicious national cuisine, professional chefs and perfection of service.
Moreover the lodge offers a broad and comfortable guestroom furnished in modern style and design, which is a welcoming predisposition to visiting hunters and guests of the preserve for relaxation, social conversation and a good rest.

Game and trophy fortune

For the purpose of game management and to maximize trophy quality a significant part of the Preserve covering 3200 ha has been surrounded with state-of-the-art fencing.
The Preserve had developed trophy quality mature males of a variety of populations such as red deer (trophy 7-15 kg), fallow deer (trophy 3-5 kg),  mouflon (trophy 70-95 cm), roe deer  (trophy 350-500 gr.) and wild boar (trophu 18-27 cm).
The genetics of the red deer stags on the Preserve focus trophy size and on trophy quality. Our management efforts have therefore made it possible for our guest hunters to obtain some of the best trophies throughout Europe.
The same care and diligence are taken for the Preserve’s our well-developed population of fallow deer in terms of numbers, good genes and trophy quality.
The mouflon is also well-represented breed on the Preserve and although herd populations are not as great, we offer excellent trophy quality.
On the Preserve both density of population and the trophy quality of the roe deer are among the best in the country.
Our wild boar has the highest population of all the species on the Preserve. Nowhere in Bulgaria can this species be found in higher density. Hunting wild boar has often been the most exciting experience for the hunters who have visited the Preserve. Hunters have the choice of hinting from stands or on a chase with dogs.
The trophy qualities are excellent and coveted by every hunter who had stepped on the BYALKA hunting preserve.
The area offers modern, comfortable and covered stands built for even our winter hunting conditions, with heat noise-insulated.

Note: "Byalka" has own pricelist. Please contact us for details.



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Hunting is passion!
Once you have started you are doing it year after year, after year....
Is it because of the thrill, or because somewhere out there it’s only you, the game and the nature.
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