In Bulgaria, wild boar hunting is much loved, preferred and traditional. Hunting is from high seat, driven
hunting, and in some hunting regions – walking and stalking. There are very good wild boar trophies in all parts of the country. Typical for the mountainous parts is the large width of the tusks, which assures high evaluation and at least, a bronze medal.

The most frequently shot wild boars have tusks with length 20 – 24 cm, and usually get silver and gold medals. Wild boars with length of tusks over 24 cm are often shot. The best time for hunting form high seat is just before or after full moon, from November until March. Many capital wild boars evaluated to over 120 CIC points were gained in 2009. The longest tusks from the last hunting season are 28, 8 cm.

The national record was shot in Rhodope Mountain and its appraisal is 158,20 CIC points. For 18 years
(until 2004) it was the World record as well.
Individual hunting

Term of hunting:
Males, females and yearlings: all year
Trophy prices 2014 - min. prices. Estates with high quality trophies have special price list.

Trophy price calculates according to the average length of below tusks measured in cm/mm.
    to  14,00 cm    300 €  
from  14,01 cm   to  16,00 cm    300 €  + 10 €* 
from  16,01 cm   to  18,00 cm    500 €  + 10 €* 
from  18,01 cm   to  20,00 cm    700 €  + 15 €* 
from  20,01 cm   to  22,00 cm  1000 €  + 30 €* 
over  22,01 cm       1600 €  + 60 €* 

* For every next mm
For shot yearling up to 1 year old 50 €.
For shot wild boar from 1 to 2 years old – 100 €
For shot female over 2 years old 500 €.
For injured and not found male – 500 €.
For shot male over 125, 00 CIC points, another 10 % of the price should be paid in addition.

From 01.05. to 31.08. there is 10% reduction in shooting fee for the trophy game.

The best hunting estates:

The mountainous areas: IZVORA, KORMISOSH and ZHENDA in the Rhodope Mountains, RUSALKA and ROSSITSA in the Balkan Mountains and VITOSHKO-STUDENA in the Vitosha Mountain.

Other hunting areas: CERNY LOM and BYALKA in north Bulgaria. 

Driven hunt 2014

Driven hunt is emotional and attractive experience on the territory of the whole country, in high mountains and plains.

Term of hunting:

From 01. October to second Sunday in 2015

You are welcome to request a package price for your driven hunt in Bulgaria. At the same time we can inform you about the attractive trophy prices.




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Hunting is passion!
Once you have started you are doing it year after year, after year....
Is it because of the thrill, or because somewhere out there it’s only you, the game and the nature.
Only you, my dear fellow hunter know the answer.




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