Frequently Asked Questions

Hunting license:
You must be a hunter in your home country and in a possession of a valid hunting license in order to obtain a license abroad.
Firearm Certificate:
We need a copy sent as attached file on e-mail of your FAC (Firearm Certificate) before your arrival.
EU-weapon pass:
European hunters (EU citizens) must be in a possession of a EU weapon pass when hunting in EU countries. When hunting outside EU just bring your weapon permit.
All hunters must be in a possession of a hunting and travelling insurance covering the stay and the hunt.
Import of trophies:
Some species are under special protection according the international convention signed long ago in Washington. These species require a special import permit (called a CITES) from the authorities in your home country. It is solely your responsibility as a hunter to obtain this consent. You can find the nearest office here:
Travelling with weapon and ammunition:
If you follow the simple rules from your airline, it should be no problem to bring your own firearm. Even if we have never experienced a delay with a weapon suitcase it might happen some day, still it is luggage. If you loose your luggage or/and your weapon we will help you to rent a weapon on the estate, but it is not possible to cancel or postpone the hunt due to that reason. If you want to rent a firearm from the beginning, please don't forget to ask in due course.
Repatriation of trophies
If you need assistance with repatriation of your trophy please contact us and we will give you our best advices. It it the responsibilty of the hunter to get the trophies home. We recommend you buy an insurance
 from the shipping agent.


If you have any further questions or information requests, please just send a mail.

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Hunting is passion!
Once you have started you are doing it year after year, after year....
Is it because of the thrill, or because somewhere out there it’s only you, the game and the nature.
Only you, my dear fellow hunter know the answer.




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