You can find find plenty of good information about Bulgaria on the internet. We would like to give some of the best links:

You can see more about our activities on Riding base Balkan.


Flight tickets:

These search engines usually have the best options for flight to Sofia: Momondo or Kayak

Low cost flights to Bulgaria:
Wizz Air  - Easy Jet -  German Wings  - Norwegian Air Shuttle

Airports: Arrival to Sofia or Plovdiv Airport. And may be back from the Black Sea: Varna or Bourgas.
Weather: You can find information about the weater on Wunderground or on this Bulgarian site. Look for Mt Botev.
Currency: Here you find a currency converter.
Insurance: Sorry but we don’t have any international site, but don’t forget to to protect your trip investment and personal well-being.
About Bulgaria: Official turistinformation
Local transport:

It is easy and cheap to go around Bulgaria by public means. From The Central station and the bus station you'll connections to all places in Bulgaria.

The Black Sea Cost: If you want to bring back memories from the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast you can find thousand of options. We like this house and the nice apartments. It’s located in the old part of Pomorie close to the beach. And you have only 15 min. to the Bourgas Airport. 


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Hunting is passion!
Once you have started you are doing it year after year, after year....
Is it because of the thrill, or because somewhere out there it’s only you, the game and the nature.
Only you, my dear fellow hunter know the answer.




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